The BDonnas

 They say the way to a woman’s heart is through her shoes… so get ready to meet the queens of the shoe business!

Latrise, Tiffanie and Alexis are the BDonnas These ‘Bella Bosses’ are fly and fabulous. But don’t get it twisted: these ladies work hard, play hard, and won’t stop until they’re on the cover of Forbes.

Based in Dallas, Texas, the trio operate a thriving shoe empire that’s growing by the day with an obsessed fan base and some of the wildest footwear designs in the world. But building a business in this highly competitive industry is far from easy – and there are plenty of challenges along the way for this shoe sisterhood!


If you own a family business chances are your work life doesn’t end at the shop door. Business dominates your personal life, your dinner table conversations and your relationships. And when business is bad everything is out of control!

Thankfully help is at hand! Meet Stacia and Ariana, the ONLY mother / daughter business consultants in America. These ladies are on a mission to help family owned businesses battle back from the brink. But for our families to truly succeed they’ll need to fix both their workplaces AND home lives. And that can often mean confronting some painful home truths…

The Love Hunters

They’re fabulous, feisty and very flirty!

If you’re on the hunt for a man in the Chicago area – look no further. Black Match Made is the ultimate matchmaking service. The reason? Unlike other dating agencies, these girls don’t just scour through a dusty database of men. They go out and GET YOU ONE!

Black Match Made offers a highly unique and personalized service courtesy of its owner Jasmine Turner and her ‘Dream Team’ of sexy, strong minded recruiters – Krystal, Yesenia, Rayna and Shavonne. Armed with their clients’ criteria these ladies will hit the Chicago bars, clubs, galleries and restaurants to find them the perfect guy. And maybe they’ll snag a man for themselves along the way…

Deadly Reunion

We all wonder about the people from our pasts – our old school-friends, partners, work colleagues. Ever wanted to reach out and reconnect? Well watch out – because the person you let back into your life may not always have the best of intentions. Some reunions can quickly turn… deadly!

Can You Survive A Horror Movie?

Think you can make it through your favorite scary movie in one piece? Well think again…

Can You Survive A Horror Movie is a fast-paced and fascinating 2-hour special that takes viewers beyond the movie screen to face the terrifying realities behind some of the genre’s most iconic movie moments.

From summer camp slashers to great white sharks, flesh hungry zombies to blood sucking vampires our experts explain the frightening facts behind the fiction. Meanwhile show hosts Anthony Marks, Annie Unnold and Morgan West find themselves up close and person with some scary moments of their own as they take part in a series of terrifying challenges. Will they make it to the final reel (and the sequel?)

 Body of Work

Meet Derrick Little, one of the most unique artists in the world. Derrick’s canvas is the human body and he’s the East Coast’s most successful body painter, transforming ordinary people into unique works of art.

Derrick’s work has graced magazine covers, advertising campaigns and music videos – and he’s worked for some of the biggest names in entertainment.

But if you think this body of work is easy – think again. From meltdown models to crazed clients and do-or-die deadlines – the stress, hours and conditions are insane. And this one-of-a-kind artist won’t let anything get in the way of his work as he strives to create amazing body art time after time.


Out of shape? Struggling to get fit. Then get ready for the workout show with a twist… are you ready to be Downsized? This unique fitness format takes the traditional weight loss show and truly puts it to work…!

Costume Drama

It’s party time – but what will you be wearing?

If you’re looking for the ultimate outfit for your costume party that will blow your friends away then look no further. Sophia’s Costumes is the place to go. From Marilyn to Madonna, gladiators to geishas and everything in between – Sophia’s has it all!

But watch out – when spitfire Sophia and her team swing into action there’s no shortage of costume drama!


We’re always on the lookout for attention grabbing talent for future shows so if you think you’d make great TV we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line at – and tell us why you should be on our screens!


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