Savannah Media has become an active force in the online industry, bringing a TV production sensibility to the social media world. As TV producers we passionately believe that content is king and we’re all about strong voices and opinions, high production values and entertaining, distinctive content.

Free Ryan Ferguson

Ryan Ferguson was wrongfully convicted of murder in Columbia, Missouri and served 9 years, 8 months and 2 days in prison for a crime he had no involvement in, before finally being released on 12th November 2013. Richard worked extensively with Ryan and his family to raise awareness of his case, helping to amass over 100,000 Facebook supporters and over a 1/4 million petition signatures via a hugely successful social media campaign.

Remote Patrolled

Remote Patrolled is our take on the TV world, written from a producer’s point of view. Every week Savannah Media founder Richard Drew offers his view on the latest shows, news headlines, behind the scenes dramas and TV deals from an insider’s perspective. Remote Patrolled covers all the biggest shows – Revenge, Modern Family, The Walking Dead and Mad Men to name a few – along with previews, reviews, clips and commercials.

Angry Trainer Fitness

Alfonso Moretti is The Angry Trainer – a man on a mission to transform the fitness industry. Alfonso is tired of all the lies and myths that keep us all from getting into shape – from infomercial products that don’t work to dodgy diets to unqualified personal trainers. Angry Trainer Fitness aims to set the industry straight with common sense, great advice and real workout knowledge. Savannah Media worked with Alfonso for the first two years of the launch of his site / brand, forging partnerships with Sears, Men’s Fitness, Discovery Fit And Health, Shape magazine and GNC.

Good Enough Mother

Savannah Media worked with TV host Rene Syler to build her parenting brand Good Enough Mother as a social media force. During our time with Rene we partnered with several brands including Disney, Evenflo and TLC Parentables and made GEM a popular daily check in for moms across America.

Recent Posts

News January 2016

  • Savannah Media is excited to start the year with two exciting new co-production deals in place. We are partnering with Engel Entertainment on a new financial project, and developing a new coaching show (with a twist) with Lucky 8 Productions.
  • Richard has relocated to LA! After 10 years of New York winters he’s headed west and is looking forward to a year round Summer!
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