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At Savannah Media we’re always on the hunt for talent to feature in an upcoming TV show or for an online venture – so if you think you have what it takes we’d love to hear from you.

Maybe you’re an amazing chef, a private investigator, a fashion stylist or run a unique business. Perhaps you live a dangerous, high-risk lifestyle or work with a crazy team of characters. Do you have an unusual and larger than life family? Whatever your job or situation – if you think you’d make great TV we’d love to hear from you.

If you think you fit the bill please email us at with the information below or simply use the form.


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Recent Posts

News January 2016

  • Savannah Media is excited to start the year with two exciting new co-production deals in place. We are partnering with Engel Entertainment on a new financial project, and developing a new coaching show (with a twist) with Lucky 8 Productions.
  • Richard has relocated to LA! After 10 years of New York winters he’s headed west and is looking forward to a year round Summer!
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