Savannah Media is a production company based in the New York area run by Richard Drew.

Richard is a former Brit with 20 years of experience in the TV industry, notably the reality TV genre. His UK credits include award-winning series The Big Breakfast, the original Big Brother, Survivor, Fame Academy and the UK version of Best Week Ever.

Since relocating to the US in 2005 Richard has worked for numerous networks including Fox, NBC, A&E, TLC, Travel, Lifetime, Vh1, G4, Sundance, Investigation Discovery, E! , Fuse & Chiller, Bravo and Oxygen. Richard is also the founder and author of the TV website Remote Patrolled and a regular media commentator. In addition Richard works as a freelance consultant for NBC’s Peacock Productions.

Since launching in 2011, Savannah Media has produced the 2 hour special, Can You Survive A Horror Movie for the Chiller network and signed format and development deals with GSN, Lifetime Movie Network, Bravo and TLC. In addition Savannah Media has collaborated on the social media brands Angry Trainer Fitness and Good Enough Mother and been a key part of the Free Ryan Ferguson campaign.

Savannah Media is represented by Shade Grant  at ICM.

Savannah Media Showreel

Can You Survive a Horror Movie

The Love Hunters

Deadly Reunion 

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News June 2015

  • It’s been a busy few months at Savannah Media as Richard has been on the road working on presentation tapes for Bravo and Oxygen. Here’s a couple of behind the scenes pics of our key crew alongside our amazing new talents…
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